VTC Company - offers Lugansk city translators, Lugansk Interpreters for business, social and personal meetings in Lugansk. We also help travellers with Flat or apartment rentals in Lugansk Ukraine, Lugansk Travel assistance & city Guides.

   Lugansk Interpreters in Ukraine:
English to Russian, Ukrainian Interpreter Service
Russian, Ukrainian to English Interpreter Service
 Flats and Apartments in Lugansk
Our Translators and Interpreters will assist you in finding apartments in Lugansk Ukraine . If you plan to visit Luhansk or you are in the city - we can help you with a flat / apartment rent in Luhansk .
Call worldwide: +38095-21-77-999

  Individual (whispered, elbow) Interpreting:

The interpreter simultaneously translates whatever the speaker says in a low voice. This is appropriate in case immediate understanding and responses are required e.g. negotiations, cultural events, private appointments, discussions.
 Lugansk Ukraine Guide & Interpreter help:
* Lugansk guide/interpreter for tourists & visitors
that come to Ukraine. Private Excursions,Lugansk city tour guide for your visit to Lugansk Ukraine.
Lugansk private guide rate is as low as USD $ 10.

  Lugansk translator and Flat rent

Our Interpreting Services are available in Lugansk and Lugansk region at basic Lugansk Prices and no extra charge. Interpreters in Kiev: our Services in Kiev
Flexible Service Prices:
Flat daily rate and per hour based rates now available to our clients. Per hour rate is USD $10. Daily rates including discounts available upon request for Lugansk clients.

Services of Lugansk Interpreters:
( Interpreters for private appointments in city, socializing, all sorts of informal meetings wit friends, women, etc).
Per Hour based rate is only USD $10.

Interpreters for Business in Lugansk - These are the services for business settings. ( business VIP appointments, socializing, all sorts of business meetings).
Per hour rate starts from only USD $ 25.

Available in Lugansk Ukraine and region.
Order Lugansk Interpreter in Ukraine:
Lugansk interpreter, Lugansk guide
Call: +38095-21-77-999
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